Remove/Add Assistant Group Leader

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Remove/Add Assistant Group Leader


As a group leader, you can’t change who is the main group leader, but you do have control over your assistant leader, who has all the same abilities (taking attendance, etc.) that you do.

In this example, “Rachel Brantley” is my assistant leader and I’d like to change her to being a normal group member.


1. Under Group Actions, in the top right, choose “Edit Participant list”



2. Click on the checkbox next to the name of the participant you wish to change.


3. From the pull-down menu ….


… choose the group status you’d like to change the person to.


4. Press OK button 


5. The participant’s status is changed.


You can use this same process to change a Group Member to an Assistant Leader.
Only change is in Step 3, select “Assistant Leader” rather than “Group Member.”